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Genres: Crime , Biography , Drama
Actors: Janis Dardaris , Wilson Cruz , Elliot Kriss , Natasha Lyonne , Daniel Franzese , Wilmer Valderrama , Mia Kirshner , Dylan McDermott , Marilyn Manson , Chloë Sevigny , Diana Scarwid , Macaulay Culkin , Seth Green , Dillon Woolley , Manny Perez
Director: Randy Barbato , Fenton Bailey
Country: Netherlands, United States
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 (9512 votes)

Set in the New York club scene of the late 1980’s thru the 1990’s, a tale which chronicles the rise and fall of club-kid promoter Michael Alig, a party organizer, whose extravagant life was sent spiralling downward when he boasted on television that he had killed his friend, roommate, and drug dealer, Angel Melendez. Originally from Indiana, Alig moved to New York, and came to be an underground legend, known for his excessive drug use and outrageous behavior in the club world. At his peak, he had his own record label, and magazine, and hosted Disco 2000, one of the biggest club nights in New York in the ’90s. He was doing a lot of drugs, and as his addiction got worse, his party themes became darker and more twisted. Alig’s saga reached its tragic crescendo when he viciously murdered his drug dealer, Angel, by injecting him with Drano and throwing him in the East River. The power he wielded on the club scene made him feel untouchable, so he didn’t hestitate to boast of the murder. The press thought it was a publicity stunt–until Angel’s body washed ashore.

Film Review

This movie so wonderful! When I first saw it, I thought it was going to be a lame, B, flop, but I was amazed. While Macauley Culkin and Seth Green are not the most revered or famous of actors, that doesn't deplete their acting skills or ability to step into the skins of their characters. Everyone is believable, and there is real emotion to be seen.Its nearly shocking to see the lives of fabulous druggie Club Kids Michael Alig and James St. James. Overdoses, love, hate, transvestites and parties: some people have everything! This movie is hilarious, devastating, and superb. This is definitely one of my favourites.

Let's start at the beginning ("a very nice place to start," like they quote Julie Andrews) with swishy Seth Green (as James St. James) letting us know we're going to see a bloody murder. This is Mr. Green's self-admitted come-on. He didn't call it a "mercy killing," but it looks like one – this teasingly switches from hammer horror to a blood-themed nightclub party. This is the story of 1980s "Club Kids" based on Mr. St. James' true story. Quickly, we are introduced to the film's main man – Midwestern gay Macaulay Culkin (as Michael Alig). Mr. Culkin goes to the big city and meets Green – they go to clubs, take drugs, and become famously fabulous.And, if you go breaking teapots, you know you're gonna fall… The film's opening scenes, with Culkin and Green jockeying for position (meaning the film's lead actor position – expect no wrestling for top with these two) are nicely done. Green's guidelines for …

Macaulay Culkin gives an uneven performance as a fey young man from Nowhere who comes to New York City and attaches himself to glitzy, garish club-goer Seth Green, learning what makes a ‘nobody’ fabulous and successful; he turns a flagging nightclub around and gains the respect of its owner, later his financial backer, which quickly ushers in a freaky, drug-induced flurry of hangers-on, leading to tragedy. Wobbly comedy-drama wants to be as casually indifferent and cartoonishly bitchy as its characters–but when things gets more serious in the last-act, it isn’t clear how much we’re supposed to care. Like the filmmakers, Seth Green seems to be doing this as a lark, and though it takes an actors bravery to go out on a limb with a part like this, Green is only half-hearted. Supporting performances by Diana Scarwid and Dylan McDermott are much better, but the whole project seems tainted from the start. Is this a cautionary fable or are these Club Kids just painted-up Dead End Kids, the d…